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JNCoins is a UK coin dealer based in Suffolk supplying high quality and carefully graded antique coins to the discerning collector. We supply primarily British milled pre-decimal material from virtually any period.

The world of numismatics is wide and varied, but as we are enthusiasts at heart we tend to stock what we like. So you will see plenty of Copper and Bronze coins, including Conders and Tokens. We always hold a large selection of Silver coins.

We are not limited by country, region or era but British Coins, Conders and Tokens will predominate. Our stock seeks to reflect what is sought by coin collectors and numismatist’s alike

We understand that you require a service from us that allows you to purchase with a high degree of confidence. Please view our 'terms and conditions' to see how easy it is to deal with us.

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Although web based we can easily be contacted on 44 (0) 7916 145038. You can also follow us on twitter @JNCoins or view our eBay shop JNCoins-online.

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News Update

From 21.02.2021 we are holding our regular online auction through our eBay store JNCoins-online This will feature completely new eighteenth and nineteen century stock. It includes several rare and scarce varieties not easily obtainable. The auction finishes on the evening of Sunday the 28.02.2021 UK time. For US buyers we have managed to reduce our postage costs for some items.

We are holding our first online auction of the year on our eBay shop JNCoins-online. There will be a good selection of Conders and Tokens. The auction finishes on 24.01.2021. In addition, you will find some items not listed here. 17.01.2021.

From Sunday 06.12.2020 we are running an auction of eighteenth-century tokens on eBay. This finishes on 13.12.20. It includes some rare tokens not always readily available. Please visit our eBay store JNCoins-online for full details.

If ordering from outside of the United Kingdom, please do not order through the website. Please email or phone us direct. We believe that we were the first UK coin dealer to offer a payment service that virtually eliminates Foreign Exchange fees. This service is free and reduces your costs. 19.09.2020

Please call us if you are worried about any delivery. We have noted a slight delay in UK deliveries by Royal Mail. Sorting offices are not at full staff. For overseas deliveries to Australia, Europe, Japan, China, and USA we have not noted any significant delays. 12.05.2020 

Despite the continuing pandemic we are still able to supply our customers. Phone calls are usually answered quickly, and we endeavour to return calls if not immediately available. For orders oversees please email first. 01.04.2020.

We are adding over two hundred eighteenth century tokens in the next three weeks. This will require a new layout, which will continue to follow Dalton and Hamer for reference purposes. Stock will include some rare and scarce varieties. As usual these will be in high grade. 24.02.2020



    We are happy to send coins virtually anywhere in the world. Click here for more information on delivery and costs. You should first contact us by email or by phone, if you are ordering outside the United Kingdom.


    Contact Us

    You can contact us on +44(0)7916 145038 or by sending on an email via our contact page.

  • Payments Accepted

    We accept payment by cheque, bank transfer or Paypal. If paying from outside of the United Kingdom please contact us by email or phone first.

Selling to JNCoins

As a UK based coin dealer we are continually looking to source coins for our clients. If you have coins to sell we are interested in talking to you.

We are interested in British coins of good quality from virtually any era, before decimalisation. These could be collections or single items.

Particularly we are interested in high grade material, although silver and gold in any condition will be of interest.

Read more about selling to JNCoins.