How to collect


  For the beginner the choice can be daunting. Here you will find some suggestions.

  One thing we would say is don't be in to much of a hurry to buy your first coin. That may seem a strange thing for a coin dealer to say. However, as this could be a lifetime interest, why be in a hurry? It would be a good idea to study the market a little also, at least learn basics with regard to grading.

  As to what to collect the opportunities are almost endless. To a great extent this will be limited by budget. That need not be as restrictive as it may first appear. You will notice on our Under £100 page a good selection of high quality coins where the price has not yet run too far ahead of itself.

  We believe that real value exists in George V coins, particularly silver & bronze. These can be purchased at affordable prices.

  Medieval Groats and Pennies provide opportunities to build an interesting and valuable collection, again at prices that may not prove too excessive if selectively chosen.

  Some collectors prefer something thematic such as all the coins in a series, perhaps Half-crowns or Shillings. Pennies and Farthings over the years have provided attractive and desirable collections. Other collectors have built collections based upon a particular monarch or period.

  The following are some popular suggestions:

  • Date runs, i.e. all the Half-crowns for a particular monarch.
  • Complete collection of gold, silver, copper, and bronze for a particular year.
  • A representative coin of all the monarch's as far back as you care to go.
  • A representative coin by head type for a particular monarch. (Queen Victoria has ten head types for shillings.)
  • All the pre-decimal proof sets of the twentieth century.
  As you can see the choice is almost endless. The point is to try to get some kind of structure to what you do.
  You may find that in time you have several collections on the go at once.
  We are pleased to discuss ideas with new collectors.
  Do keep a catalogue of your collection, if possible with photographs. This can be particularly helpful for insurance purposes.
  On the subject of insurance we are pleasantly surprised as to how inexpensive cover can be. Just a few pounds a year can provide cover up to £20,000 - £30,000 under the all risks section of a home contents policy.
  One thing is for sure, numismatics can provide a life-time of interest. So whether your interest is hammered or milled coins why not keep up-to-date with what we have in stock?

  As a UK coin dealer focused on English and British coins, our commitment is to provide our clients with a selection of good quality, collectable, investment grade material that has been carefully graded and accurately described.