The Case For Coins

  Coin collecting, numismatics, is a fascinating hobby which has been pursued for generations. The scope is endless. It can be simply the joy of collecting, or the pleasure of owning a piece of history that attracts. However there are clearly more possibilities.

  Increasingly coins are being seen as something in which to invest.Of course they always have been, it's just that many more are aware of it. In the last ten years British coins have seen explosive growth in values. Why? The easy answer is that they're in short supply "no one makes them anymore". That is certainly true. There were only nine hundred and thirty-two 1934 Wreath Crowns struck and that is perhaps an obvious example. There are of course other reasons.

  Despite the recent recession in Britain wealth has still grown elsewhere. As prosperity has increased, including now in the emerging economies of the world, the search for investible assets has gathered pace. There are more people investing in coins now than at any other time. This has been particularly true since the start from the Great Recession which started in 2008.

  The recession demonstrated the wisdom of not having all of your eggs in tradititional havens. For a considerable period money was pulled out of stocks, bonds, currancies etc. Art saw a drop in values of up to 80% as bankers bonuses failed to support the market.

  While the western economies suffered emerging markets experienced growth and with it increased prosperity. That money has needed to find a home. Alternative investments especially real assets became more appreciated and still are. The fact is coins, British coins in particular, had a good recession.

  While they should not be thought of as an asset class as is the case with stocks and shares, bonds and commodities; coins are certainly investable. They have the added attraction of physical ownership as opposed to a stock or bond certificate. Coins are now seen as a sound, collectable alternative investment, even more so than in the past.

  We continue to believe that those purchasing investment grade (high grade) coins can expect to receive a reasonable return on their investment over time. While nothing is certain the history of coin values has been one of less volatility. So whether you collect on a budget or you are seeking to make an investment, we believe that we can add value by sourcing the right material.

  If you are trying to build a portfolio of assets and are using carefully selected coins as part of an investment strategy, then we would particularly like to talk to you. We understand that any advice we offer could be crucial to your aims.

  If coins, as a store of wealth, are being used as part of inheritance tax planning, then we are happy to work with you and your financial adviser in selecting the right material for any trust that you have in mind.

  You may just simply want to collect the best within a budget that is affordable. Our "Under £100" range maybe just what you are looking for. Whatever the case collecting, investing or indeed both, our recommendation is to buy the best you can afford.

  As a UK based coin dealer JNCoins only stock carefully graded coins. We source stock from any era but it has to meet a strict criteria. 

  We are pleased to discuss why any coin that we offer is collectable and has investment appeal. More help and advice has been provided on the page "Careful Grading".

  Always feel free to talk to us.