Scotland. Mary & Francis Testoon. 1558.

Second period.

Spink 5416. SCBI 58 (Edinburgh Museum)

Grade: "Extremely fine or near so"

Description: Second period group (1558-60), type I.  Edinburgh mint.

Crowned arms of Francis (as Dauphin) and Mary over cross potent. Legend surrounds FRAN ET MA D D VIEN.  Reverse, crowned FM monogram, Lorraine crosses each side. Legend reads FECIT VIRAQVE VNVM 1558. 5.80g.

Obverse with central strike on a round flan. Beautifully toned with amber and maroon tones and a reflective finish. Reverse weaker, all legends clear.

Superior to the plate piece in the Standard Catalogue. Rare.

£ 1,495.00