Scotland. Mary & Francis Testoon. 1559.

James IV (1567-1625) Revaluation of 1578

Spink 5416.  Host coin.

Grade: "Very fine" or near so.

Description: Second period. Type I

Crowned coat-of-arms of Francis (as Dauphin) and Mary. over cross potent. Reverse, crowned FM monogram. Lorraine crosses each side, crowned thistle countermark to right, reads VICIT VTRAQVE VNM IVDA 1559, countermark in left field. 5.73g.

Countermark of the revaluation well struck. Flan round if a little irregular. Evenly toned. The FM Monogram and Crown particularly well struck.

Bought from Spink July 1962. Old collectors' ticket. Rare.

£ 895.00